International European University

International European University is a multi-disciplinary, state of the art University of European standards. It has the mission to bring Ukrainian education, science and culture to a qualitatively new level, to integrate them into the European and world space. The University thus significantly raises higher education standards, bringing them closer to the European ones.

The educational process at IEU is organized accounting for the European curricula, introducing a completely new approach to students’ learning. The experienced teachers at IEU – with more than 80% having exposure to International Practice or having a degree or an academic title – prepare a completely new generation of professionals, who can communicate with foreign counterparts with command, due to their fluency in modern methods and means of practice. They are supported immensely by a professionally experienced Pedagogical and scientific staff in this effort.

The University provides a high level of International competitiveness, with active participation by students in International conferences, opportunities for international Internships in countries like Poland, Slovakia, Israel, Italy, etc., ensuring a bright student life.

The combination of this experience with the Ukrainian Higher education is well supported by the University’s Technical and Material base, which prepare Specialists and Professionals that will fulfill the requirements, and will be much in demand in Europe, and all over the World. The University’s extensive Infrastructure would include fully equipped auditoriums with interactive equipments; fully stocked Libraries with both printed publications & periodicals from across the world, as well an electronic library; Clinical departments with most modern medical & diagnostic equipment located across leading medical institutions of Kiev.

The University is emerging as the preferred destination for the brightest and best students who want to study MBBS in Kiev, study MBA in Kiev, study Management (BBA) in Kiev, study Business Administration in Kiev, and many other disciplines – wherein the students get an opportunity to not only get an internationally recognized qualification of the standards of the European Union, by studying in Kiev, the Capitol of Ukraine


Besides the comprehensive facilities and up to the mark equipment that the different departments of IEU are equipped with, the International students are provided adequate and conveniently located hostel facilities that are well connected, located just a few minutes away from the campus of the University in Kiev.


Year Tuition Fee, USD Hostel, USD Total, USD
1st 4300 1200 5500
2nd 4300 1200 5500
3rd 4300 1200 5500
4th 4300 1200 5500
5th 4300 1200 5500
6th 4300 1200 5500

Insurance, Medical, Receiving, Visa charges, Receiving, etc. are apart from the charges mentioned above, which are covered in the One Time charges payable in the first year, and a nominal yearly charge.

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