Saint Petersbug State University (SPbU), formed in the year 1724, is the oldest, and one of the largest Universities in the country. The University is located in St Petersburg, which is recognised as world’s leading cultural city destination, and as the cultural capital of Russia. The University, with a strong focus on research in Engineering, Science & Humanities is a Russian Federal State higher educational institution.

Saint Petersburg State University, having two main campuses at Peterhof & Vasilievsky, is considered – amongst the multi-faculty Universities in Russia – as the second best University in Russia, enjoying an excellent reputation, with many of Russia’s elite like Presidents Medvedev & Vladimir Putin having studied here.

The University has 24 specialized institutes and faculty

  • Medicine
  • Graduate School of Management
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Mathematics and Mechanics
  • Law
  • Dentistry & Medical Technology
  • Biology
  • Applied Communications
  • Physics
  • Sociology
  • Economics
  • History
  • Philology
  • Earth Sciences
  • School of International Relations
  • Oriental Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Journalism
  • Political Science
  • Physical Culture and Sports
  • Military Faculty
  • Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Institute of Chemistry


The huge library of the University is located in the main University building, known by the name of – M. Gorky Scientific library and is a large modern information centre, with a print collection of more than 6.8 million copies & 2 million titles. The library is divided into a Central Research library and twnty one subject Libraries, and has 30,000 current users who are students, while the total current users run to 40,000.

Besides the library, all the students also have access to the SPbU Research park where they are exposed to the most modern technologies.

The campus has 22 Dormitories within the University premises, that are renovated for the comfortable stay of the students. The hostels are divided into blocks, with each block having two to three rooms. The rooms are of either two, or three seater capacity. The hostels are fully furnished with all facilities including laundry, washrooms, cafes, gyms, canteens, shops, ATMs of all major banks, with internet access in each room.

The security of the Hostels is ensured through CCTVs, Fire alarms, security scheck points & Surveillance systems. The accommodation on Vasilievsky additionally has the facilities of Grocery Shops, Russian Postal department office, hairdressers, clinics, dentists, cafes, etc , within the vicinity of the dormitories.

The students have a choice to choose from the electives and compulsory subjects and can thus have a personalized curriculum, The student life is diverse with choice of multiple sporting and extra curricular activities. The students excelling in studies are given the opportunity to be part of International student exchange and international partnership programmes. The Alumni Clubs of SPbU are operating in 15 different countries of 4 continents.