Q1. Are the Universities in Ukraine and Russia recognized by Medical Council of India?

Ans. The universities that Edumed Overseas will secure admission for you will be the MCI approved MBBS Universities. The degree awarded by the Universities will thus be equivalent to the MBBS degree in India, and the student will be able to practice in India or pursue Post Graduate education with the clearance of the Screening test.

Q2. Is there any entrance test required for admission to these prestigious Universities?

Ans. There is no Entrance exam for MBBS admission abroad to be cleared, to these esteemed Universities. No is no requirement for even IELTS or any such examination’s score. Only the requisite qualifying criterea for MBBS admission abroad in terms of PCB percentage and NEET qualifying score is to be met, which in few cases are specified by some Universities.

Q3. What is the status and ranking of these Universities in Russia and Ukraine?

Ans. The Universities to which Edumed Overseas is going to get you admission in, are some of the top Most MBBS universities of the country, with an advance academic curriculum. They are equally highly regarded in those countries, as are the top most medical institutions in India.

Q4. Are these Universities in Russia and Ukraine recognized internationally?

Ans. The Universities are having International recognition and are very well recognised by the World Health Organisation. Not only that, the Universities would be having all necessary recognition and accreditation from the local government as well.

Q5.  Is there any Donation involved while taking admission in these Universities?

Ans. There is no need for a hefty donation to be paid to get admission in a top MBBS University abroad. Only the necessary qualifying criterea for MBBS admission in terms of the PCB score & NEET score needs to be met, wherever specified by the University.

Q6. What is the medium of instruction for MBBS Course in Universities in Russia and Ukraine? Is it English or is it Russian medium of instruction?

Ans. A misconception amongst Indian students and parents is about whether the course will be taught in the local Language or the English Language! The course taught will be MBBS in English medium only in the Universities specified by Edumed Overseas.

Q7. Is it very costly to study MBBS in these prestigious Universities in Russia and Ukraine? Is it affordable or is it very costly?

Ans. The fee of MBBS abroad is very low compared to the fee of the equivalent colleges in India. The tuition fee for the complete MBBS course could be as low as 14 Lakh for the complete course, depending upon the choice of college. Not only that, the cost of living in specific countries is also very low, resulting in extremely low expenditure and easy affordable MBBS education.

Q8. How is the environment in these countries? Is it friendly towards Indians or Is there any racisms?

Ans. The living environment in Ukraine, Russia, not only in the campus, but overall also is extremely safe, and especially friendly towards Indian students. Besides the Indian students already studying there, the locals are very friendly and helpful towards foreign students, especially Indian students.

Q9.  How is the availability of Indian food in Russia and Ukraine?

Ans. With a large number of Indian students studying there, the Indian foods in all its varieties – including Veg food are easily available now, through various options like Mess, restaurants, etc.

Q10.  Are these Universities the Government Universities or Are they private institutions?

Ans. The Universities that Edumed Overseas is going to get admission in, are Government Medical Universities abroad. All necessary accreditation has been awarded to the Government MBBS colleges.

Q11.  What are the Career Opportunities after passing out MBBS from these prestigious Universities in Russia and Ukraine? 

Ans. The international standards of MBBS education imparted in the Universities allied with Eudmed Overseas, ensures that the student gets quality MBBS education abroad, which is recognized the world over, and helps him secure a great Medical career not only in India, bu across Europe, America, if the student chooses to.

Q12. Apart from the cost which is mentioned by you, Is there any hidden cost which the candidate will have to pay later on?

Ans. All cost elements are conveyed transparently and honestly in advance, by Edumed Overseas. The are no Hidden costs which might come as a rude shock to the student or parents later on.

Q13.  How the Weather Conditions in Russia and Ukraine, Are the weather conditions extreme?

Ans. The weather conditions in all destination countries are very comfortable and favorable to the Indian students, making their stay abroad very conducive to their studies.

Q14. What are the chances of getting Study Visa for Russia and Ukraine?

Ans. Edumed Overseas offers 100% Visa assurance to the applicants, having a rich experience and track record of Visa processing. The applicants can this rest assured on this front.

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